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The Value Of Tragedy

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11th Terrorist attacks on the twin towers.  Similar to many tragic events, many of us can remember where we were and what we were doing when the news broke.  It was a day when business stopped, air travel was grounded and strangers cried for those they never knew.

The Little Known Fact About Workers' Compensation Insurance

This is going to come as a surprise to many of you. Insurance companies really don’t pay for Workers Compensation claims, YOU DO! How is this possible? You see, Workers Compensation insurance acts almost like a tax on your injuries. What employers often times do not understand, particularly on their smaller claims, is that they may be paying as much as four times the amount of the claim directly back to the insurance carrier in premium expense. This does not even take into account the indirect expenses tied to any claim.

The Importance Of A Home Inventory

Life moves at an incredibly fast pace. Most of us do all that we can to keep up with daily demands. Work, kids, home, bills all take a part of our attention and divide our time into many quadrants that do two things. First, these responsibilities take time out of our day. The more we take on, the less time we have for ourselves. Secondly, they diminish downtime that we need to keep things in order. When this happens we rush through our days with a sometimes haphazard effort in order to “get it all in.” Time is not on our side these days. So what are the consequences?

The Top Five Things Companies Should Know About The Insurance Process

In any industry you will find that there are frequently asked questions with each new client that comes aboard.  This is just par for the course in the education process of clientele.  There are also things that a client’s representative may take for granted as common knowledge which is anything but.  It is the representative’s job to review these things with their clients, however this seems to be the exception for some agents instead of being part of protocol.

Motorcycle Safety Works Both Ways

Motorcycles are a big part of summer driving. Many people prefer the freedom of two wheels on the open road during the summer months. Whether it be discovering scenic back roads on a cruiser or burning up the highway on a sports bike, the fact is there is nothing quite like the feeling of open air and warm sunshine on your face as you ride. While this can be a freeing experience, it is not without its own set of dangers. Motorists should be conscious of motorcycles while sharing the road with our two-wheeled friends.

Condo Insurance - Why You Need It And What You Need To Know

You just bought your first home, a Condo, and you couldn’t be happier!  The question you may ask now is “Do I need a condominium insurance policy if my condominium association has a master policy for the complex?”  This is a valid question and since you are now most likely watching every penny to afford your new home, one that is smart to ask.

What Kind Of Insurance Does My Business Need?

This is a question that may be quite confusing to many business owners.  The answer is not black and white because each business is different.  We asked our Commercial Lines Manager, Gail Bortolotti to give us her thoughts on how we could best answer this question for you in blog format.  Here is the answer she provided.

That depends on the kind of business you engage in. All companies need basic liability insurance to protect them against acts of owners or employees for which they might be considered legally liable.

Knowing The Right Play

It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback where you can assess a situation and make decisions with a clear head.  Go back 24 hours however, and in the heat of the play, that went terribly wrong, decisions aren’t so clear.  At FBinsure we want to make sure you know the right “play” before it happens.  Making sure you are aware of the information you will need, the process that will take place and generally what your responsibilities are.  Filing a claim for an accident or loss can be confusing so we have broken down the process into a few easy to understand and clear s

Treat Your Insurance Company Like Your Allergies

Some people suffer through allergies needlessly.  Perhaps its seasonal and perhaps it’s year round.  Whether it’s weeds or grasses, pollen, dust, mold or animals there are people out there who believe that they are stuck with their allergies and sit back and take everything they throw at them.  Why would you suffer when there’s a solution out there that will give you peace of mind and make you feel better?

Insurance Is Like Dressing For The Weather

It is now summer and most of us have traded in our winter jackets, mittens and scarves for bathing suits, flip flops and sun block.  Why is not a surprise.  The weather has changed and now the daily temperature is in the 70s.