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Tips to Prevent Roof Collapses

Many of us here in New England are sick of snow.  Spring cannot get here soon enough.  However, until the birds begin to sing and grass makes its comeback, there is plenty of work to be done.  We have all become well acquainted with roof collapse stories on the news and their tragic details.  Taking steps to prevent a roof collapse goes beyond a roof rake and a ladder. 

The Real Magic to to Ice Dam Removal

The Real Magic to to Ice Dam RemovalSnowstorms continue to punish the Northeast, leaving many in the region wondering what they did to make Mother Nature so angry. As snow continues to accumulate and freeze, many are now dealing with ice dams on their roofs. Ice dams are just one of the many issues caused by all of this excessive snow, but it is the issue I will focus on in this blog

Just What Are The Costs Of A Cyber Attack?

How much of an impact would a cyber attack have on a business? This is a great question to ask if you own or operate a business. There is no generic answer to this question. Every business would suffer differently depending on the type of attack and the type of information had been compromised. Once it has been determined that you have been a victim of a cyber attack, the costs will begin to surface and become very real. If your business relies on computers and the internet and the attack has left your systems inoperable, then the costs start to build immediately.

Why Are Healthcare Records So Valuable To Cyber Thieves?

The reason healthcare records are so valuable to cyber thieves is quite simple: health records never die. Unlike credit cards which can be cancelled and replaced quickly after a breach, you cannot cancel your health records. They are with you forever. Health records are the gift that keeps on giving which is why their street value to a hacker is many times the value of a credit card number.

Two Ways Tax Scammers Might Target You

This week we share with you a blog shared with us from our friends at Central Insurance which was created and offered by the Federal Trade Commission.  This is something we don't necessarily think about, but should, now that it is officially Tax season.    

How To Prepare For A Winter Power Outage

With a massive blizzard bearing down on the northeast, I thought it might be a good time to share some tips on how to prepare for a power outage in the cold weather. High winds and 2 feet of snow means downed power lines, falling trees, and more. Listed below are some tips to help you prepare for Mother Nature’s fury.
• Put fresh batteries in all flashlights and portable radios and place them all in a central location for easy access. Also charge your electronics in advance of the storm.

Broken Crystal Balls and Exit Planning

I remember a conversation I had about 10 years ago with a successful business owner.  I remember this gentleman fondly.  He took the time to help mentor a young and eager insurance professional.  He shared great stories with me and often a 15 minute meeting could turn into hours of laughter, sharing of failures and successes, and pearls of wisdom.

How To Handle The Use Of Employee Personal Devices In The Workplace.

As technology evolves and the drive to have instantaneous access to information increases along with it comes the added exposure of having a data breach. This is very evident when employers allow their employees to use their own personal devices to conduct company business while at the office and access company information remotely. There are many schools of thought regarding allowing employees to use their own devices for their daily work. Many feel allowing an employee to use their own device will make them happier, more comfortable and more productive.

What is an Experience Modification and Why Does it Cost Me So Much Money?

Anyone who has the “privilege” of handling a Business’ workers’ compensation program has probably heard of an Experience Modification (X-Mod, E-Mod or Mod’s as they are often referred to), but many do not know what it is or what function it serves in a workers’ compensation program.  Today I will give you some clarity on the subject of X-Mod’s.

The Somewhat Confusing World Of CONTRACTs for CONTRACTors and subCONTRACTors

Whether you are a Snow Contractor, a Landscape Contractor or a General Contractor, at some point you will most likely hire one or more subcontractors. By definition, according to dictionary.com, a subcontractor is:

“a person or business firm contracted to do part of another's work.”