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Are You Working In Your Business Or On Your Business?

I am sitting on a plane on the Tarmac at Dallas Fort Worth airport. We are just leaving a conference after two days spent with some of the top consultants and top agencies in the country. I am always rejuvenated after spending time with phenomenally forward thinking agency owners from every corner of the U.S. And Canada. Why am I writing about this in an insurance blog...because I am inspired.

The Cost Of Healthcare

Let me ask you a question; Are you the type of person who buys something at the first place you look, or are you the type of person who goes from store to store, determined to find the best deal possible? Perhaps you are somewhere in between these two extremes. If all of the purchasing world were impulse buyers who didn’t do any kind of price comparison then there would be no competition. You would have no knowledge about whether or not the price you paid was high, low or average. There is a bit of fun in healthy competition and price wars. Look at black Friday for example.

The Value Of Data

“My business doesn’t have the type of information hackers want.” This seems to be a common mantra with many small to medium sized companies I have spoken with over the past few years. They are aware breaches are increasing, but feel their data is just not that valuable to a hacker. The hard fact is pretty much all data is valuable to a hacker. However, it is just not hackers that business owners need to be concerned about. Unintentional acts by employees still account for a very large number of the breaches on record.

Price Versus Value

It happens all the time.  People shop for insurance based on price alone, yet they research the best value before they buy many other commodities throughout the year.   As consumers people are always looking for the best deal. People don’t buy the junkiest car, shop at the worst grocery store, or sign up for a  cell phone plan with the worst reception coverage just because it has the cheapest price. They research these items before purchasing to get the best car, cell phone plan, etc. for the money.

What's Your Plan?

It is a moment that no one looks forward to.  It is a moment which we know is coming “someday” but that we hope doesn’t arrive for a very long time.  Let’s face it, there is never a good time to experience the loss of a loved one.  When that time arrives however, it can be confusing, stressful and full of decisions.  The last thing you need during this process are unexpected surprises.

Buy Insurance Based On Value, Not Price

People often ask why they should insure with FBinsure. After all, direct writers are constantly assaulting the airwaves with quirky mascots screaming that they can save you money in just a few minutes. Insurance is all the same, right? To me the reason is simple: You get what you pay for. Insurance is not all the same, and more times than not if you are saving hundreds of dollars then you are losing something along the way.

The Value Of Tragedy

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11th Terrorist attacks on the twin towers.  Similar to many tragic events, many of us can remember where we were and what we were doing when the news broke.  It was a day when business stopped, air travel was grounded and strangers cried for those they never knew.

The Little Known Fact About Workers' Compensation Insurance

This is going to come as a surprise to many of you. Insurance companies really don’t pay for Workers Compensation claims, YOU DO! How is this possible? You see, Workers Compensation insurance acts almost like a tax on your injuries. What employers often times do not understand, particularly on their smaller claims, is that they may be paying as much as four times the amount of the claim directly back to the insurance carrier in premium expense. This does not even take into account the indirect expenses tied to any claim.

The Importance Of A Home Inventory

Life moves at an incredibly fast pace. Most of us do all that we can to keep up with daily demands. Work, kids, home, bills all take a part of our attention and divide our time into many quadrants that do two things. First, these responsibilities take time out of our day. The more we take on, the less time we have for ourselves. Secondly, they diminish downtime that we need to keep things in order. When this happens we rush through our days with a sometimes haphazard effort in order to “get it all in.” Time is not on our side these days. So what are the consequences?

The Top Five Things Companies Should Know About The Insurance Process

In any industry you will find that there are frequently asked questions with each new client that comes aboard.  This is just par for the course in the education process of clientele.  There are also things that a client’s representative may take for granted as common knowledge which is anything but.  It is the representative’s job to review these things with their clients, however this seems to be the exception for some agents instead of being part of protocol.