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Healthcare Awareness Can Help You Save

As spring slowly approaches here in New England, the cost of healthcare will still leave a wintry sting for many business owners. At FBinsure we have been spending the majority of our time proactively providing education to clients along with their employees about all of their healthcare benefit options and whether or not the overall changes are impacting them. So what will this spring bring for the majority of us?

Just Who Are The Forgotten Treasures When Dealing With Workers' Compensation Issues?

From time to time we find blogs written by industry experts that are quite worthy of sharing. This week we share a blog that sheds light on best practices for handling injury management best practices. This was written in January 2014 by an FBinsure trusted resource and Co-Founder of Oceanus Partners, Frank Pennachio.



Junior Gets His License...What Now?

When Junior is finally old enough to get his license it is an exciting time for him. He fills his head with endless possibilities that come with being able to get from point A to point B without relying on another person to deliver him. This excitement is not always shared by his parents, who often have to bear the financial brunt of this new-found independence. The question often becomes “what is the cheapest way to allow Junior to drive?”

FBinsure Awarded MA Grant For Education

At FBinsure, we believe that knowledge and education are an intricate part of a person’s growth as an employee and as an individual in everyday life. As an agency we wanted to find a way to offer a better opportunity to our staff members, allowing them to better themselves, their careers and lives; and in turn the service they provide to our clients. It was through this belief that “FBinsure University” was created.

Giving Back Beyond The Holidays

Charitable giving is something many of us do around the holidays, but as the holidays get further and further in the rearview mirror, we often get caught up in our everyday lives and the giving slows to a trickle for the remainder of the year until the next holiday season. While it is admirable that many people in this current economic climate share what little they have during that time, the fact remains that many people and organizations alike still have needs for the rest of the year.

No, A Puffback Has Nothing To Do With Medical Marajuana!

Puffback.  It sounds like some cute little Antarctic bird or a character from a kids cartoon show; however, it is anything but cute.

Defense Wins Championships in the NFL and in Life

The Super Bowl is this weekend, and football fans around the country will gather together to watch the best defense in the NFL battle the best offense in the NFL. This should be an exciting gridiron contest, perhaps one for the ages. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense have been shattering records all year long, while Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks’ defense have made a habit of shutting down elite NFL offenses all season. On February 2nd we will find out what wins championships…offense or defense?

Some Compelling Reasons To Have Cyber Liability Insurance.

The Target security breach, as with other such scandals like the TJX security breach or perhaps even Epsilon who fell to a spear-phishing attack, have taught us that having cyber security coverage can protect you from situations that will take you from reputable to repugnant in a matter of minutes. Data loss expenses can cost you dearly and possibly bring your once prestigious company to its knees.

Other Structures Coverage: You Need It, The Question Is How Much Is Enough?

I find it interesting how Other Structures coverage on the Homeowner’s policy is often overlooked by those who need it, but becomes a point of contention for those who feel they do not. I field a lot of calls by people who wish to remove the coverage because they have no sheds or detached garages on their property, but very rarely do I get a call from a homeowner who may need more coverage due to the cost of structures on their property.

The New Year Is Not About Resolutions Here.

New Year 2014 is here and with it, just as each new year does, comes the new year resolution list.

The history of the new year resolution can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Babylonians who were understood to make promises to their God’s to do many good and worthwhile things at the start of each year and the Romans did the same.  Over the years and across the continents many traditions and rituals have occurred during the New Year celebrations.  For example:

Some believe that making noise wards off evil spirits: