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Holiday Safety Tips

With the Thanksgiving hangover worn off, people everywhere are getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating their homes, humming Christmas carols, and shopping for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Whether you are planning to use a real tree or a fake tree to stack your presents under, below are some helpful safety tips to ensure your holiday is safe and jubilant.

-When choosing a Christmas tree, be sure that any fake tree is certified as flame retardant. Real trees should be fresh. Dry needles on a real tree are a fire hazard so be sure that the needles are not brittle.

Dirty Little Secrets - Part 5 of 5



Dirty Little Secrets - Part 4 of 5


Dirty Little Secrets - Part 3 of 5

Dirty Little Secrets - Part 2 of 5


Here is another little secret for you.  A supervisor is more important than a doctor when it comes to a workers’ compensation claim.  Now that may sound crazy!  How could a supervisor be more important than a treating physician when it comes to a claim?  A supervisor is the first person to react to a workers’ compensation claim.  The way they react to that claim has a significant impact on that claim. 

Dirty Little Secrets - Part 1 of 5

4 Auto Insurance Myths Busted

When it comes to auto insurance many people rely on myths about what factors into their insurance rates and how they can help minimize their insurance cost. Throughout the years I have heard a lot of reasons why someone’s insurance should be higher or lower, and many of them are untrue. I have no idea how these misconceptions started, but many of them are deeply ingrained into insurance lore. Below I bust 4 of the most common myths of car insurance that I come across on a daily basis.


Are You Working In Your Business Or On Your Business?

I am sitting on a plane on the Tarmac at Dallas Fort Worth airport. We are just leaving a conference after two days spent with some of the top consultants and top agencies in the country. I am always rejuvenated after spending time with phenomenally forward thinking agency owners from every corner of the U.S. And Canada. Why am I writing about this in an insurance blog...because I am inspired.

The Cost Of Healthcare

Let me ask you a question; Are you the type of person who buys something at the first place you look, or are you the type of person who goes from store to store, determined to find the best deal possible? Perhaps you are somewhere in between these two extremes. If all of the purchasing world were impulse buyers who didn’t do any kind of price comparison then there would be no competition. You would have no knowledge about whether or not the price you paid was high, low or average. There is a bit of fun in healthy competition and price wars. Look at black Friday for example.

The Value Of Data

“My business doesn’t have the type of information hackers want.” This seems to be a common mantra with many small to medium sized companies I have spoken with over the past few years. They are aware breaches are increasing, but feel their data is just not that valuable to a hacker. The hard fact is pretty much all data is valuable to a hacker. However, it is just not hackers that business owners need to be concerned about. Unintentional acts by employees still account for a very large number of the breaches on record.