What FB Risk Advisors Does: Proactive Vs. Reactive

The traditional approach to insurance has always been financing a policy that will protect an organization if a loss situation occurs. Financing, however, is only one of the ways to manage risk, and even then it can only ever react to a crisis. FB Risk Advisors employ the four other ways to manage risk, prevent, transfer, mitigate, assume in our Risk Reduction Approach

Traditionally insurance agents have only focused on a single way to manage risk: financing it with an insurance policy. Financing risk is a reactive solution, and gives you no immediate control over the risk in your organization, leaving you at the mercy of a claim.

FB Risk Advisors utilize five methods of risk management in our stream- lined process that adapts to the specific challenges of your organization. Based on our evaluation the Risk Reduction Plans includes PROACTIVE strategies to ensure you accurately prevent, mitigate, transfer and assume risks before counting on your insurance policy to finance them.

How FB Risk Advisors Does It


Our first step a conversation to evaluate your day-to-day operations. We find which areas you are succeeding in and where you need extra help, resulting in a Total Cost of Risk assessment.


After arriving at a Total Cost of Risk your Risk Advisor will craft a Risk Reduction Plan. The plan hones in on the areas we have collectively decided need improvement with proactive strategies.


After the plan has been set in place, implementation is a matter of following the calendar developed in the RR Plan, outlining the solutions, key players, and overall schedule.