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Amateur Sports Leagues & Camps face challenges and risks that are unique from many other industries. Training, injuries, special events, abuse, and protection for high-value items, like trophies, can all weigh on the mind of an owner. It's critical to be working with a team that understands your risk and can craft a  plan that adapts to your specific needs.

You need to work with an Agency that understands your challenges to ensure the appropriate risk reductions strategies are put in place.

FBinsure’s Risk Advisors works with experts in ensuring sports leagues, camps, and facilities, meaning we have a head start creating the insurance and risk management solutions to meet your unique needs. With the right combination of products, service, and price all local to you, there really is no other choice.      

Our Risk Reduction Process


Our first step is a deep dive conversation into your day-to-day operations. We find which areas you are succeeding in and where you need extra help, resulting in a Total Cost of Risk assessment.


After arriving at a Total Cost of Risk your Risk Advisor will craft a Risk Reduction Plan. The plan hones in on the areas we have collectively decided need improvement with proactive strategies.


After the plan has been set in place, implementation is a matter of following the calendar developed in the RR Plan, outlining the solutions, key players, and overall schedule.

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Our highly trained risk experts use a specialized process to assess and tailor a suite of strategies to control risk in your organization and make you more attractive to the insurance marketplace.

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Our exclusive program designed to reduce workers’ compensation spending with proactive strategy & claims management.

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