Five Star Agency

MAIA’s Five Star Agency Designation Program

The MAIA’s (Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents) Five Star Agency Designation program is intended to analyze the background of insurance agencies and continually challenge those agencies to improve relations with clients, company partners, and employees in order to operate in a more effective manner. The program offers guidance by identifying both strengths and areas of improvement while offering ways for management to address these issues and remedy them. By setting external standards and reviewing an agency’s operations, management truly can strive to provide service of the highest quality.

In order to obtain such a designation, FBinsure underwent a thorough internal review by an outside team who conducted personal employee interviews in which strengths and areas of improvement were recorded. In meeting the strict criteria and by achieving a high score, our agency is proud to have been awarded the Five Star Designation and will undergo this review process every three years.

The future of Five Star is very promising, as the program is planning to expand to the national level. We are very pleased to have earned this designation. Even more importantly, we are thrilled that this process has pulled our staff and management even closer together so that we can serve our customers with the greatest efficiency and quality possible.