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Our Mission

FBinsure is a leader in providing insurance and risk solutions for our clients. Our mission, through the professionalism, education, and integrity of our employees, working in an innovative and technologically superior environment, is to continually improve our products and services to meet our clients' needs, allowing us to share our prosperity with our employees and our communities.

Our History

Started by Phil Farrell and Rudy Backlund as two separate entities in the early 1950s, the Taunton and Rehoboth based agencies merged in 1999 and formed Farrell Backlund Insurance Agency, LLC. In 2008 and 2011,respectively, Anderson-Cushing Insurance Agency of Middleboro and East Freetown and the long standing Richardson-Cuddy Insurance Agency of Attleboro merged with FBIA. In 2013 Farrell Backlund Insurance Agency transitioned into one brand name, FBinsure and adopted the "beyond insuring. ensuring" promise to better reflect the rapidly growing agency and its values. Since FBinsure has acquired the Gramlich Insurance Agency in New Bedford, as well as Newbury Insurance, and Hardy & Ponte Insurance Agency of New Bedford. The Agency's most recent merge has been that of Jose S. Castelo Insurance Agency of New Bedford, Dartmouth & Fall River. The agency has grown to eleven locations across nine towns – Taunton, Rehoboth, Dighton, Middleboro, East Freetown, Attleboro, New Bedford, Dartmouth & Fall River – and employs over 106 experienced insurance professionals.

Our Core Values

What Makes the Difference Between Insuring and Ensuring

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Through the Years

Richardson-Cuddy Insurance Agency Established

April 5, 1869

Downtown Attleboro 1869H.K. Richardson Insurance, what would go on to become Richardson-Cuddy Insurance Agency, is established on Park Street in downtown Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Philip J. Farrell Insurance Agency Founded

November 1, 1951

Taunton Green Massachusetts1951, November – Philip Farrell starts the Philip J. Farrell Insurance Agency at the Taylor Building in Taunton, Massachusetts with his mother as his secretary and only employee.

R.E. Backlund Insurance Agency Established

October 8, 1959

R.E. Backlund Insurance AgencyOctober, 1959 – Rudolph Backlund starts R.E. Backlund Insurance Agency out of his bedroom at the family home on County Street in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. His son, Don Backlund, would learn from him and eventually take over the business to and grow it successfully to the present day.

Don Backlund Joins R.E. Backlund

May 17, 1971

Rudy & Don Backlund 1971  - Don Backlund, long time Chief Executive Officer and now consultant, joins his father, Rudy, at R.E. Backlund serving the Dighton-Rehoboth area's insurance needs.

Mark Cuddy Joins Richardson-Cuddy

February 4, 1985

Mark Cuddy joins his father Tom Cuddy at the Richardson-Cuddy Insurance Agency of Attleboro.

Russel Martorana Joins Farrell Insurance Agency

July 1, 1986

July, 1986 – Russel Martorana, current President of FBinsure, joins his father-in-law, Phil Farrell, as a producer with the Farrell Insurance Agency.

R.E. Backlund Opens in Taunton

March 1, 1988

R.E. Backlund Insurance opens the agency's first office in Taunton on Cedar Street.

Farrell Insurance Agency Restructures

September 1, 1998

Farrell Insurance Restructure

August 1993 - Farrell Insurance Agency restructures executive roles & Russel Martorana is promoted to President of the Agency.

R.E. Backlund & Farrell Insurance Agencies Merge

September 1, 1999

R.E. Backlund & Farrell Insurance Agencies merge to form Farrell Backlund Insurance Agency with offices in Rehoboth & Taunton, Massachusetts.

Tom Rogers Joins the Team

September 3, 2001

Tom Rogers joined FBinsure in the fall of 2001 following five years in systems and project management positions in the high technology industry.

Farrell Backlund Merges with Bristol County Savings Bank

June 2, 2008

Bristol County Savings BankJune, 2008 – Farrell Backlund merges with well-known local institution, Bristol County Savings Bank, bringing full service solutions to their both their customers.

Farrell Backlund Acquires Anderson-Cushing Insurance Agency

November 3, 2008

November, 2008 – Farrell Backlund Insurance Agency purchases the Anderson-Cushing Insurance Agency of Middleboro & Freetown, growing the Agency to 4 locations in Southeastern Massachusetts

Nicole Martorana Joins FBinsure

March 2, 2009

Farrell Backlund Merges with Richardson-Cuddy

August 1, 2011


August, 2011 - Don Backlund & Russ Martorana comes together with Mark Cuddy of the long established Richardson-Cuddy Insurance Agency of Attleboro, Massachusetts, to merge their Agencies, adding another Farrell-Backlund location.

Farrell Backlund Insurance Becomes FBinsure

May 20, 2013

Farrell Backlund Insurance Agency undergoes a re-branding, evolving into the current brand, FBinsure, LLC.

“The new FBinsure brand is much more than just a new logo – it is a direct and important reflection of the growth and broader focus of our agency. Over the past few years, FBinsure has expanded into new business areas, such as Risk Management and Benefits, and have committed ourselves to developing innovative strategies to address the risks that drive our clients’ total cost of risk,” said Don Backlund, CEO of FBinsure at the time.

Gramlich Insurance Agency Acquired by FBinsure

November 3, 2014

Ray Gramlich Insurance November, 2014 - FBinsure acquires the Gramlich Insurance Agency of New Bedford from Raymond Gramlich extending its reach further into Southeastern Massachusetts.

Henry L. Newbury Insurance Agency Joins FBinsure

January 12, 2015

January, 2015 -  FBinsure celebrates another acquisition after purchasing the Henry L. Newbury Insurance Agency of North Attleboro, from brothers John & Jim Newbury.