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In 2011, FBinsure formed a taskforce known as FB Cares.  This team is comprised of employees from all six FBinsure  locations working year round to further promote the philanthropic efforts and community outreach we pride ourselves upon.   Each year our team identifies key events within the communities we serve where our efforts will have the most impact.  Well known for their bright yellow tee-shirts, you can always tell when the FB Cares team is out on one of their missions as all the eye will see is a sea of yellow shirts!

Projects such as Rehoboth Clean-Up Day, held each year at the Rehoboth Little League fields to prepare the fields for the spring baseball / softball season, are perfect events for the FB Cares team.  Also, the FB Cares team works to raise money each month through our “Wear Jeans to Work Day” which supports a different charity monthly.  Each charity is selected by an FBinsure employee.

Every year our team looks for new events to champion.  Some of the events we have supported over the last year include:

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If you know of or host a charitable event you would like our FB Cares team to assist, please submit your request in writing to [email protected].  Please include the following information:

  • Event name
  • Date
  • Organization benefiting from the event
  • Location of the event