With more employees working remotely than ever before private data is now especially vulnerable.

What is FB Cyber Defense?

FB Cyber Defense is a four phase process providing business decision makers better insight into their team, technology and data security risks. Our Advisors provide an analysis of your operations, while with our vetted partners, test for and identify security gaps in your network. Using what we have learned our Advisors then customize a compliance and policy action plan complete with the documents, training, and tools to mend gaps in your cyber security compliance. Finally we leverage these improvements to find the best Cyber Insurance policy for your company.

Four Phases


This overview of your organization’s exposures allows us to highlight security flaws and compliance issues.


Our approved third party vendors will perform a series of tests on your organization’s team & network.

Compliance & Policy Action Plan

A customized compliance & policy plan will give your organization immediate solutions to mend flaws in your organization's data security structure.

Insurance Placement

Using your evaluation & compliance improvements we present you to the insurance marketplace prepared to find the best policy to fully protect you.

Cyber Security By the Numbers

Times Hackers Attack a Day
Average Cost of a Data Breach
Records Exposed in Q1 & Q2 of 2019

Breaches Involving Small Businesses

Businesses Experienced Phishing & Social Engineering

Malware Delivered By Email

The FB Cyber Defense Process Explained

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