Ice Dams Are No Joke!

Did You Know?

Ice dams are caused by uneven heat loss from your home in wintry conditions refreezing melted snow. This causes the roof to warm above freezing temperature, which allows snow to melt and then re-freeze before it reaches the roof’s edge.  If this cycle repeats consistently, an ice dam forms and water builds up behind it. As the water collects it can cause expensive water damage.

Often the water that ice dams push into homes travels around wall and ceiling cavities until it finds the path of least resistance to escape. By the time you see water inside, it’s usually been there for a while.

It is a fact that improperly insulated homes are just as bad as under insulated homes in relation to the ice dams they cause. If you don’t address air leakage into the attic or rafter spaces, all the insulation in the world won’t prevent an ice dam.

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