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iStock_000077260725_MediumOffering a substantial and attractive benefits package is imperative for an organization looking to attract top talent, but any business owner knows that healthcare costs are on a constant rise and compliance issues are only getting more complicated. FBinsure blends a high level of innovation with plain old hard work to provide creative solutions to today’s insurance problems. We start by identifying the right insurance solution for your needs. No more. No less. We then create a customized plan purposely developed to drive a return on your human capital. A well structured benefits plan and support in key areas, like compliance, open enrollment, wellness programs, and more, can give you the competitive advantage when hiring talent.

FBinsure’s benefits advisors have experience tailoring custom benefits solutions to any size business in MA, RI and beyond. With the right combination of products, service, and price all local to you, there really is no other choice.

Customize A Package That Works For You

By working with over 20 top-rated carriers & key strategic partners we offer plans that go beyond the traditional health coverage model to a full range of options designed to put you in control of your healthcare spending.

Life insurance can be offered as a voluntary benefit. Many people who are the primary or sole providers for their families will purchase life insurance to take care of their families in case they die and are no longer there to support their families.

Life insurance is available in two basic types: term and permanent. Term life insurance is the simplest and generally the cheapest form. Coverage is purchased for a specific period of time, such as 10 years. The policy can usually be renewed at the end of that time period, but premiums can increase based on the plan holder’s current age and health status.The other main type of life insurance is permanent, and there are several kinds of permanent life insurance.

Dental coverage is similar to regular medical insurance and is one of the voluntary benefit options employers commonly offer. Like medical insurance, dental coverage is offered in several types of plans. Dental coverage focuses on preventive and diagnostic procedures in an effort to avoid more expensive services associated with dental disease and surgery.

Long Term Disability
Long-term disability insurance may be offered as a voluntary benefit to give employees financial security in the event that an illness or injury prevents them from being able to work.The exact definition of a disability will be specified by each policy. The purpose of long-term disability insurance is to protect an employee’s income if he or she becomes disabled for a prolonged period prior to retirement.

After an employee has become disabled and satisfied a predetermined waiting period, long-term disability insurance will pay out a set amount or percentage of the employee’s regular income in monthly intervals. Long-term disability provides income protection for extended periods of time, in some cases providing benefits until retirement.

Short Term Disability
Short-term disability insurance may be offered as a voluntary benefit to give your employees a financial safety net in the event that an illness or injury prevents them from working. Most disability insurance plans define a disability as the inability or reduction in ability to perform job duties; the definition of disability will be specified by each policy. The purpose of short-term disability insurance is to protect an employee’s income during short periods of disability.

A flexible spending account is an account in an employee’s name that can reimburse the employee for qualified health care or dependent care expenses. It allows an employee to fund qualified expenses with pretax dollars deducted from the employee’s paychecks.

How We're Innovating Employee Benefits

Initial Benefits Package Analysis

FBinsure will review the current plan design, assess premium appropriateness and confirm contract consistency. We will review current policies based on industry norms and carrier service levels.

Competitive Benefits Package Analysis

Armed with the ideas and information compiled during the initial analysis, we will collaboratively build a strategy to approach the marketplace. We then solicit quotes from the health insurance marketplace. After a thorough examination of the prospective quotes, we recommend the appropriate plans and carriers to meet the financial and coverage objectives of our client.

Third Party Creativity

Our meticulously chosen industry partners allow us the flexibility and creativity to manipulate your insurance plan even further to create a fingerprinted solution that meets your specific needs.


We assist in facilitating the enrollment process through our commitment to communication. We will survey your staff to determine the most effective communication strategies, develop communication pieces to support those strategies, and ensure your employees enjoy a comfort level with the process.

Consultative Benefits Services

FBinsure will be a strategic partner and resource to a company's management, employees and human resources department.

Employer & Employee Advocates

FBinsure acts on behalf of the client by providing the tools required to implement a successful benefit strategy and stay ahead of compliance changes. We also support your employees by acting as the liaison between the carriers and other service providers.

Request A Consult

Discuss the innovative solutions right for your company with our Benefits Manager. Leave us your information or give us a call, 508.824.8666.

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