Auto Insurance Solutions

Auto Insurance Solutions


When insurance protects your most valuable assets, should purchasing it really be a race against the clock?

Cartoons tell you not to spend time protecting your assets. We are told to decide what we want to pay and buy cheap auto insurance in a box. What’s in the box? Is it the right coverage? Is there any service in there? If we breeze through a EASY FAST ONLINE quote can we ensure that we have properly protected our family? Who will be your advocate at the time of a claim? A lizard?

FBinsure works directly with you to tailor an insurance program to your specific needs. We take the time to educate you. Our Agency works with the best insurance companies to provide you the most affordable car insurance options that best meet your protection, service, and financial needs.

Our highly educated agents:

  • Evaluate your unique circumstances.
  • Compare car insurance quotes from up to 10 carriers.
  • Educate you on the policy right for you.

Understanding Auto Insurance Options & Coverages

Bodily Injury To Others

This coverage pays bodily injury caused to others during an accident that occurred in Massachusetts on public roads. This is a mandatory coverage and does not cover anyone in your auto. Limits: $20,000/$40,000 (maximum limit allowed in Massachusetts)

Personal Injury Protection

Commonly referred to as “PIP” coverage, this coverage pays up to $8,000 to you or anyone you let drive your car, household members, passengers and pedestrians, no matter who causes the accident for medical expenses and lost wages in coordination with your Health Insurance. This coverage is not applicable to motorcycles. The use of alcohol or drugs voids this coverage.

Bodily Injury Caused By An Uninsured Auto

This coverage pays for bodily injury to you or anyone you let drive your car, household members and passengers caused by an uninsured or unidentified vehicle/driver. Uninsured refers to someone that does not carry auto insurance or a hit and run vehicle. This does not cover damage to your car. Recommended Limit: $250,000/$500,000

Property Damage

This coverage pays for damage to someone else’s property which is caused by your vehicle.  Recommended Limit: $250,000

Medical Payments

This covers medical expenses for you, household members, and passengers in your vehicle over and above the limit paid in Part 2 PIP no matter who caused the accident. Highly recommended for motorcycle policies. Recommended Limit: $25,000


This pays for collision damage to your vehicle, less any applicable deductible, regardless of fault. Failure to list household members or customary operators using your vehicle on your auto policy voids this coverage. If Waiver of Deductible is purchased, your deductible is waived if you are not at fault in the accident and can identify the at-fault party.


This pays for damage to your vehicle less any applicable deductible which results from fire, theft, vandalism, glass damage, or striking an animal. Theft of items in your vehicle is excluded unless separate coverage is purchased.

Substitute Transportation

Reimbursement up to the purchased limit for replacement vehicle or alternative transportation including bus fare, taxi and train fare while your vehicle is undergoing repairs due to a covered loss. Recommended Limit: $30 per day, 30 days maximum

Towing & Labor

This pays for towing and/or labor charges up to the purchased limit. Recommended Limit: $100 per disablement.

Bodily Injury Caused By An Underinsured Auto

This covers bodily injury to you, household members and passengers when the at-fault party’s insurance coverage is inadequate. Your policy will pay the difference between their limits and the amount you have purchased but not to exceed the limit of the higher of the 2 policy limits. Recommended Limit: $250,000/$500,000 Example below:

  • Other vehicle’s Bodily Injury limits: $25,00/$50,000
  • Your Underinsured limits: $250,000/$500,000

The other party causes an accident with you and you are injured. Their policy would pay up to their limit of $25,000. You have $250,000 in coverage from your own policy to fall back on should their policy limits not be enough. Payment between both policies will not exceed your higher limit of $250,000 total

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Services That Set Us Apart

Ten convenient insurance offices throughout Massachusetts, means we are local to you for when you need us.

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